Water Conservation

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WaterAppalachian State Reduces Water Usage By 50%

We've cut our water usage in half in the last 13 years.

%Water Usage 14-15


Here are some of the ways we've managed to reduce our water usage on campus:

Action Benefit
Repair leaking condensate lines More super-heated water is returned to our steam plant, saving us the cost of heating cold water "from scratch" and saving us from treating reservoir water to prepare it for cycling through our steam system.
Install low flow toilets Water savings.  Handles are either pushed or pulled for less or more water at the user's discrection.
Install "smart" faucets Water savings as water has an automatic shut off when patrons leave.  Less germy, too, as faucets don't need to be touched.
Monitor water use by building By installing water meters on buildings, we have been able to monitor monthly usage and identify leaks quickly when spikes in usage occur.  Leak are often underground and not visible.  This has been a very useful management tool.
Install rainwater catch basins By collecting "grey water" for use in flushing toilets, we've saved gallons (Beasely Media Center Building)
Field Hockey Recapture Tanks Field Hockey is played on an irrigated field to make the puck slide faster.  We have installed collection tanks that are able to collect 50% of that water for re-use.
Agricultural Well In 2015 we installed a well (next to the duck pond) for agricultural use.  Although we use very little water for irrigation on campus, this well allows us to use untreated water for flower beds, saving energy and by use avoidance, prolonging the life of the water treatment filters in our water plant.
 "Scale Free" System installed in Chiller  In 2015 we experimented with a chemical-free system that inhibited the growth of fungus and the build up of scale inside our Bookstore Chiller plant.  The experiment was a success and allowed us avoid costly chemicals and allowed us to recycle water in the system rather than replace it.  Savings:   178,127 gallons of water! 



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