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Updated 8-9-18

Jeff PierceWith over over 275 hardworking craftsmen and technicians, the Physical Plant manages campus buildings, systems and utilities. 

  • Gross square footage of all Buildings: 5,188,567
  • Total Acres:  1,860
  • Developed Acres:  337 (Main Campus only)
  • # of University Buildings : 111
    • Academic 43
    • Residence Halls 20
    • Auxillary 33
  • # Of parking spaces: 7,400

Our goal is to provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with a safe and ecologically sound campus inside and out.


Who Works At The Physical Plant?

We are the painters, electricians, plumbers, housekeepers, landscapers, mechanics, engineers and designers that keep Appalachian's campus healthy and comfortable for students. 

Physical Plant EmployeesMountain Values We Live By

We believe in hard work and thrift.  We strive to make our facilities last for future generations by good stewardship today --choosing green cleaners, recycling and composting campus waste, reducing energy use, and above all, maintaining our buildings efficiently. 

Click an org chart to learn more about our services.

Click here to view a poster highlighting our campus efficiency and sustainability initiatives. 

Click here to view a poster detailing our composting process and benefits. 


Name Position Department Phone Number


Jeff Pierce Acting Director Physical Plant 828.262.8775
Cheryl Triplett Assistant Director Accounts, Physical Plant 828.262.8771
Patrick Brittain Assistant Director Facility Operations and Mangement 828.262.8787
Ed Miller General Manager New River Light & Power 828.262.3126
Greg Taylor Assistant Director Campus Services 828.262.8772
Steve Martin Associate Director Planning, Design and Construction 828.262.4961



Our History

We are located on "State Farm Road," so named for the dairy farm located here in 1800's when Dr. Dougherty established the university. In 1999 Walt Lewis wrote a brief history of the Physical Plant.  Click here to read Walt's history (PDF) of campus maintenance.

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