Extensive repairs to the chiller pump that cools Rankin West, Rankin South and Duncan Hall are underway and the buildings should return to comfortable temperatures by noon tomorrow, June 15, 2017. Sorry the A/C is down, folks, we are working to have...
It was an exciting week as the Rodgers team celebrated the raising of the highest beam on the Beaver Colleges of Health Sciences with a traditional ceremony which included placing an evergreen high atop the building and signing the final beam. The...
Nothing's more frustrating than reaching for a paper towel and finding the dispenser empty.  That drippy, customer-frustration is what every custodian strives to prevent, so Appalachian State University's Environmental Services staff were...
This week we've been able to get a feel for the building's scope and size.  It's visible from the stop light at 321 and Deerfield Road intersection. Other parts of the building are beginning to take shape and are visible now that the privacy/...

Nathan Perry Is Saving Our Streams

Friday, April 28, 2017 - 4:58pm
And when we say Nathan Perry is saving streams, we mean trout streams AND revenue streams.   Prior to 2015 Motor Pool purchased 5w30 full synthetic motor oil by the case.  It was delivered on giant shrink wrapped pallets that cluttered up...
It's April in the High Country and the first week of weather was challenging for construction.  Boone went from sunny skies and temps in the high 60's to blustery snow overnight, but it didn't inpede the intrepid team from Rogers. This week:...
April 2017's "Employee of the Quarter," Randy Stansberry, shines in Motor Pool. Two years ago, Randy joined the Appalachian State University's Motor Pool team as a mechanic after 25 years in the private sector with Ford, Dodge, and Isuzu.His...
Mock up is being created for approval.  This also helps construction teams understand exactly what needs to be delivered. More photos below.  
The building is 14% complete and on schedule. It's scheduled to open July 26, 2018. Here's some progress from this week.  
We're just beggining to get a visual idea of how big 203,000 gross square feet really is!   Here are some snaps of this week's progress.          

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