HVAC and Controls

Heating Venting and Air ConditioningHVAC

wrench iconThe Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) department repairs and maintains all heating, cooling and exhaust air devices as well as hydraulic cooling and heating systems.

Each of our buildings have unique "personalities" when it comes to our ability to quickly adjust temperatures. The HVAC department manually ajusts temperatures in buildings where thermostats can not be adjusted by automated computer controls.



temp iconThe Controls department works to keep our buildings' climate comfortable through automated controls.

Temperatures in most of our newer buildings can be adjusted by a central control center located in Holmes Convocation Center.  We are working to retrofit many of our older buildings with automated controls as well. 

Why automation?  It's more responsive, more accurate, and more energy efficient.

The Controls department reviews control system desigsn and implements solutions to improve performance and energy conservation.


Which should I call to adjust my temperature?

No worries.  Both departments work closely with each other to help fulfill your request.  Submit a work request through AiM, or click here for more info.