Carpentry & Masonry

carpentry1The Carpentry and Masonry shops are located on State Farm Road.  

saw iconCarpentry

The Carpentry shop is responsible for:

  • all office and classroom renovations
  • all floor and ceramic tile repairs in academic buildings
  • suspended ceiling replacements
  • door and window replacements

Masonry Repair 

trowel iconMasonry

The masonry team addresses hard surface safety concerns on campus including:

  • sidewalks
  • steps
  • brick pavers, Flexi-Pave and Versa-Loc
  • stone walls


Additional duties include addressing:

  • water leaks in buildings
  • surface drains and catch basins
  • sign installations
  • small campus masonry improvements 
  • assisting with carpentry projects (particularly during the winter months)


Caution iconBe a help! If you see masonry or retaining walls in need of repair, please alert us using the contact form