Lock Shop

key IconHow to Order a Key

Whether you're requesting a new key or a duplicate key, the first step is to submit a work request through AiM. Use the work code "LOCKS/KEYS." 

Keyway and Key Code

Reference the codes stamped on the top of your key and provide the lockshop with the following information:

  1. The room number
  2. The "Keyway" which is the two numbers stamped on the top left of your key
  3. The "Key Code" which is a series of numbers and letters stamped on lower part of your key

Will I be billed? Can I use an off-campus locksmith?

Caution iconPLEASE DO NOT USE OFF-CAMPUS LOCKSMITHS. For safety reasons, all keys must be coordinated through the Physical Plant Lockshop. The University must be guaranteed maintenance and security access to your areas at all times. This is why all locks and keys must be coordinated through the App State Lockshop.

Remember, your department is the good steward of the State. All property belongs to the State, and State access must be guaranteed; this is particularly true in the event of an emergency!

dollar iconLock and key services are billed to your department at the rate of $12 per hour plus materials.  Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.

caution iconNote: You should NEVER RE-NUMBER ROOMS IN YOUR AREA without coordinating through the Physical Plant. Fire plans and key records are matched to blueprint floor plans. If you need to re-number your area, our records must be updated and there are some charges associated with updating the fire plan system. Please request a quote before you make changes.


lock shopkey iconLock shop duties

  • Keep records of all keys and their corresponding locks and room numbers
  • Provide estimates for lock and key related work
  • Provide new and duplicate keys
  • Maintain doors and all related hardware
  • Provide combinations to safes and recombine safe locks