What's in Our Cleaners?

Planet in Our HandsWhat's in Our Cleaners?  Safety Data Sheets (Formerly MSDS)

Last Updated 4-24-17

  • Bright Solutions Activate (PDF) - Bathroom cleaner- destroys urine smells and uric acid with bio-enzyme digester
  • Clario Green Earth Foaming Soap (PDF) - Hand soap in bathrooms- meets Green Seal standards
  • Diamond Shine (PDF) -Floor finish that creates a tough, protective coat.  Has a "wet-look" shine if burnished.
  • Envirox H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 (PDF) - Mostly used in bathroom scrubbing machines- sanitizer, deoderizer, kills viruses and bacteria.  Orange oil and Hyrdroxen peroxide based.  Safe on glass, stainless, grout, carpet spotting.  Low VOC's, biodegradable.
  • Final Strip (PDF) - Floor stripper used to remove years of floor coating.  Safety precautions important.
  • Goo Gone (PDF) - for removing "sticky stuff" like labels or tape from flyers
  • Greasinator Concentrate (PDF) - Used in Kaivac for penetrating bathroom grout. Envirox product.
  • KenClean Plus (PDF) - Prefered cleaner of coaches. Used in gym and locker room for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Mineral Shock Concentrate (PDF) - Used in Kaivac for penetrating bathroom grout. Envirox product.
  • Mister Clean Magic Eraser (PDF) - Used on desks and walls
  • NABC Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes (PDF) - Safe for plastic and hard surfaces.  Does not contain alcohol.  Not recommended for glass.
  • Recoat Prep (PDF) - Used to top scrub floors prior to applying a good, clean coat of floor finish.
  • Sno-Plow (PDF) - Salt for entrances
  • Super Shine-All (PDF) - Floor cleaner-for damp mopping and auto-scrubbing.  Green seal approved.
  • Suprox (PDF) - Peroxide based cleaner and sanitizer.  Safe for all surfaces including glass.  The best chemical to use during winter months because it will not freeze.
  • Suprox-D (PDF) - Used in classrooms, bathrooms, and offices; disenfectant and cleaner in one
  • Top Clean (PDF) - A floor cleaner used on hard surfaces. Safe on windows/glass, metal, mirrors
  • Vindicator+ (PDF)- As of 8-19-14 we are product testing this disenfectant in Anne Belk Hall, BB Dougherty, Belk Library, Broyhill Music, Kathryn Harper Hall and LLC.  It is a cleaner/disenfectant effective against viruses.  Click link to read details.
  • Windo-Clean+ (PDF) - Glass, mirrors, CRT Screens, TV Screens, Office Equipment.  Disolves fingerprints, smudges, grease.  Not for use on any anti-glare screen. HOUSEKEEPING DOES NOT CLEAN COMPUTER MONITORS OR KEYBOARDS.