LEED Buildings



This page (eventually) will link to a campus map with "Sustainability Features" on it.  It will also have information on our LEED buildings.

LeedWhat's LEED?  LEED is a third party reviewer that inspects buildings to verify they are constructed to conserve energy, reduce water consumption, improve indoor air quality, and use the best building materials.


  • Cone Residence Hall (2013)
  • Frank Residence Hall (2010)
  • Mountaineer Residence Hall (2012)
  • Plemmons Student Union Annex (2013)



  • Reich College of Education (2012)
  • Trivett Dining Hall (2014)
  • Belk Residence Hall (upated 6/6/16)
  • Summit Hall (updated 9/29/16)
  • Appalachian Hall (updated 1/13/17)



Miscellaneous Features

  • Katherine Harper Hall - Passive solar, light shelves, shaded sky lights, specular aluminum light reflectors, green roof
  • Beasley Media Center - Rooftop water collection (for grey water use.)

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