As caretakers of the campus's buildings, grounds, and energy usage, the Physical Plant strives to be good stewards of our environment.   

Click here to view a poster highlighting our campus efficiency and sustainability initiatives. 

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and now Compost!

Compost handfulSince we introduced single stream recycling and a "mini bin" program in offices in 2011/2012 our recycling has increased by 40%  By collecting dining hall scraps we're able to compost 275 tons a year, which we use to enrich our grass and flower beds.  This helps us reduce our purchase of fertilizers.

Visit Minibins and Compost to learn more.


Reduce Energy Usage

SnowdayHeating and cooling campus buildings takes more energy than lighting and computer usage combined,  so we've concentrated our efforts on thoughtful thermostatic scheduling.  For example, when buildings are mostly unoccupied at night, on weekends, or on breaks, we've "turned back" the thermostats.  It's working!  We've reduced campus energy usage (BTU/SqFt) by 34% since 2005/2006.

We've switching to LED lights--which are brighter and make our campus safer at night.   As of December 2015, we've converted approximately 85% of all outdoor lights to LED's.   LED's, where installed, have reduced our lighting cost by 70%

Visit Energy Reduction to learn more.


Protect and Conserve Our Waters

Duck PondWe've reduced our campus water usage by 50% since the baseline year of 2002/2003.  Digging up campus to repair distentigrating steam condensate lines was an investment that saved hundreds of gallons of water and energy, too.   Low flow faucets and flushers have reduced water usage and raised public awareness about conservation.  And we've taken steps to slow down, cool off, and naturally treat our parking lot rainwater run off before it joins Kraut Creek which runs through campus.

Visit Water Conservation to learn more.


LEEDing the Way

Leed CertificationWe are working to make ALL new construction LEED certified, and there are many LEED principles that we've been able to incorporate into our management of existing buildings.  

LEED buildings cost less to operate, are healthier for occupants, and impact the environment less than other buildings.

Visit LEED Buildings to learn more.


Tree Campus, USA!  And Other Greenscapes

Tree PlantingApp State earned its first "Tree Campus USA" designation from the Arbor Day Foundation in 2014 and continues to earn this recognition by planting and monitoring trees, budgeting for tree care, and working with faculty and student committees to promote urban forests on our campus.  Our grounds crew also uses a system of integrated pest management to maintain the beautiful campus landscapes with the most sustainable (non-chemical) methods possible.

Visit Compost and Sustainable Practices to learn more.


"Frankentruck" and the Appalachian Way

FrankentruckMountaineers are thrifty by nature.  We love where we live and want to keep it beautiful, so it's no surprise that our creative employees come up with ways to save the University resources.  Here are some of the wacky and wonderful solutions that just don't fit into neat categories.  Implemented by some pretty neat people, our Physical Plant staff.

Visit Frankentruck and Other Thrifty Solutions to learn more.

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