I need snow removed

Snow RemovalSnow and ice present a challenge during winter months. When weather strikes we often report early and stay late to keep our campus sidewalks, entrances, and secondary roads cleared. Salt trucks run 24 hours a day, and our housekeeping staff partners with the landscaping staff to provide maximum personnel for snow removal in the shortest amount of time possible.

We make every effort to cover the entire campus prior to classes.

If you have an urgent need or see unsafe conditions during business hours, please call the Physical Plant at 828-262-3190. After 5pm please contact the ASU Police Department at 828-262-2150.

I need snow removed during Winter Break

During winter break when the University is closed, only entrance areas and fire lanes are plowed. If you have a special event planned during a time when the University is closed, please submit a work order in advance via AiM to alert us to your needs. We appreciate advance notice so that we can staff correctly during the holidays.

Will I Be Billed For Snow Removal?

There are very few instances when your department would be billed for snow removal. Some examples would be removal of snow from athletic fields such as baseball, or snow removal during periods when the University is closed. 

Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.

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