I need to move




Click here for a Moving Checklist (PDF)


I need furniture taken to surplus

Step 1:  Prepare the Moveable Equipment-Disposal form (PDF updated 2-28-19).

Step 2: Schedule a pick up through AiM

(Please allow 7 working days. We'll try and come sooner!)


I need items moved within my department

Moving from one room to another within your department does not require special approvals from the campus Space Committee. Simply submit work orders through AiM for each service you need. This might include transferring phone lines, moving data drops, special cleaning, or more.

Click here (PDF) for a reminder list of moving services you might need.

Questions?  Contact Chris Erickson, 828-262-8828.


We need more space! Moving from one building to another

Before your department can move to a new space, the Space Committee needs to approve your request. The committee makes decisions based on long term campus planning, enrollment numbers and wise energy usage. To learn more about the Space Committee and steps to obtain permission to move or expand your department, click here.


Will I be billed for moving?

Yes. Your department will be billed for moving and any other services like special cleaning, telecom, painting, etc. at a rate of $12 per hour, per technician.

Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.

Moving IconMoving Tips – Tips For a Smooth Move...

  • Surplus items – we can't move them until you submit a Moveable Equipment form to the Central Warehouse on State Farm Road. 
  • Supply your own boxes, packing materials and tape
  • Label each box with its destination room number and your name
  • Seal all boxes securely
  • Move your own computer, personal and fragile items. This is for your own protection! We move in an open air truck and have limited blankets for padding.
  • Click here to download a moving check list.