I need the grass mowed

Mowing the GrassNo problem. Although we keep our lawns trimmed to a height of 3.5", special events sometimes require special grooming. Use AiM to submit your request and we'll be happy to oblige. We can also hang banners for your event, set up outdoor art exhibits, or fill up your dunking booth.

Will I Be Billed For This Service?

Yes, if your request is outside of the rotation of our regular duties. All billing is done at a rate of $12 an hour plus the cost of any special supplies.

Special services that incur charges to your department might include:

  • Banner hanging
  • Using a bucket truck to lift a photographer
  • Filling dunk tanks
  • Mowing for special events
  • Setting up outdoor tables
  • Collecting trash for an outdoor event
  • Setting up a stage for a concert
  • Moving equipment

Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.

What Are "Regular Duties"?

Our campus is divided into zones. A team of landscapers is responsible for caring for each zone. This includes mowing, weeding, planting, feeding, and monitoring the health of all of our gardens. This also includes snow removal.

We have three arborists on staff to monitor and promote healthy trees.

We do let grass grow—at least up to 3.5". There's a good reason for this strategy. Slightly longer grass is healthier for two reasons: longer grass blades provide a greater area for food production via photosynthesis, and longer blades cover up soil so weed seeds don't find a place to sprout.

If you see an area of campus that needs care, please call it to our attention by clicking here.