I need something repaired

Help! It's An Emergency!

If this is an emergency that involves a life safety threat, flooding, or other issue that must be addressed immediately to prevent further damage, call the Physical Plant Work Control desk at 828-262-3190; if it is after 5:00 please call ASU Police dispatch at 828-262-2150.Pump spraying water

It's Not An Emergency

The first step in getting something repaired is to contact your building representative responsible for submitting work orders and ask them to submit a work order for you. Executive or Administrative Assistants for your department typically handle this.

If you are a registered AiM user, submit a Work Order Request in AiM. You can find a link to AiM on the left side of every page of the Physical Plant website.

Will I Be Billed For Repairs?

It depends on the building you work in. The Physical Plant supports repairs in all campus buildings. For state-funded buildings, the Physical Plant is funded to repair or make like-kind replacements of broken or damaged equipment, finishes or fixtures. Typically there is no charge to your department. We provide similar services to auxiliary or receipt-supported facilities but are reimbursed by your department for the cost of the repairs.

Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.

Why Submit A Form?

It's paperless! And it helps us track your order. Are we providing timely service at the most competitive price? How long did it take us to respond, and what were the costs? Work Orders tell us where to go, who to call, and help us track inventory. If you have questions about your work request, we are able to pull your work order and help you with the status.

Submit a Work Request

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