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paintingUnlike maintenance and regular repairs, a "space improvement" is a voluntary change or upgrade to serviceable finishes such as paint, carpeting, doors and hardware.

The first step in requesting an improvement is to enter either a work order or a request for an estimate into the AiM system. Typically your departmental assistant will do this for you. Be sure to provide detailed point of contact information, and indicate if you would like any help from an interior design consultant.

What's The Difference Between A Work Request and an Estimate?

A work order authorizes our staff to begin work, but an estimate tells us that your department needs to approve a cost estimate before deciding whether to authorize any work. 

Improvements are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. A work order includes a departmental billing code that you provide, and is a green light for your work to be placed in the shop work queue.

An estimate does not get placed in the queue until it is approved by your department head. Since your department will be billed for the cost of any improvements to your area, you may wish to receive a written estimate in advance of work being done. If an estimate request is submitted, the requestor will receive an email with the completed estimate attached. This document must be printed, signed by the department head and returned to the Physical Plant before a work order can be issued.

1) Open AiM Work Order and select ESTIMATE

2) Describe the work you are requesting in detail

3) You will receive an email back with a completed estimate

4) Print the estimate and have it signed by your department head

5) Return the signed estimate to the Physical Plant, State Farm Road

6) Your work order is now authorized and will be placed in the queue.

Will I Be Billed for Improvements?

Yes. Improvements are voluntary and discretionary, unlike repairs or regular maintenance. The Physical Plant is funded to keep buildings in a serviceable condition. Any changes to existing conditions (e.g. moving walls, changing furnishings, fixtures or equipment, etc) must be funded by the department requesting the improvement.

The billing rate is $12 an hour per person, plus the cost of supplies.

Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.

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