I need my room temperature adjusted

The Physical Plant does its best to maintain all spaces at a comfortable yet energy-efficient temperature. The following temperature guidelines apply:

  • During regular office hours: 74° in summer / 68° in winter
  • During "standby" hours: 75° in summer / 67° in winter
  • During unoccupied hours: 78° in summer / 65° in winter

If you believe your room temperature falls outside these guidelines, please have your building representative enter a work request for HVAC service.

Please note that during the fall and spring shoulder months, building temperatures may be difficult to maintain since many buildings have to be changed over to heating or cooling manually. This can be a challenging process, as temperatures swing from hot to cold during the shoulder months. We will do our best to address your request.

Will I Be Billed For This Service?

This is a free service to all academic and state-supported buildings. Temperature adjustments in receipt-supported buildings are billed to the requesting department. 

Click here to learn more about billable and non-billable services.