Younce 30-Year Veteran to Head Environmental Services Department

Keith Younce Promoted to Environmental Services Manager
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 11:14am

Keith Younce, long-time employee of Appalachian State University's Environmental Services (custodial) division has been promoted to lead the department of approximately 90 staffers.  Environmental Services technicians are tasked with keeping Academic and Support buildings scrubbed, shined and sanitized.

Younce was hired to clean the University Post Office when he was right out of high school in May 1985.  "Those were the days before computers and there was so much paper in the post office that there were times we had to use a shovel to clean the floors," remembered Younce. He's seen many advances in his 30 years and continues to embrace new technologies and cleaning products that enhance a healthful environment for students.  Green cleaning, in particular, has been an emphasis for the unversity.

"What's most appealing about Keith is his 'can-do' attitude," reports Mike O'Connor, Physical Plant Director.  "Keith never hesitates to get his hands dirty and he knows the nuances of every job in his department, because he has litteraly worked every job in his department.  He's known for his integrity, and for his honesty.  I have absolute trust that he will always give his utmost for the university."

O'Connor isn't exaggerating when he refers to Keith Younce's experience in the department.  During his career he has worked as a custodian, led the floor crew, supervised housekeeping teams, captained the night shift, and worked as Assistant Manager.  Most recently he has worked as Interim Manager of the department while nationwide searches were conducted to fill the position.

"We cast a wide net to find the right person to lead Environmental Services.  Because this person leads so many employees, and because health is paramount on our campus, we consider this position to be 'mission critical,'" explains Dr. Greg Taylor, Director of Campus Services.  "It's always a pleasure to be able to promote from within, and in this case it was the most appropriate direction for Environmental Services."

"Keith has always asked 'How can we do this better?'  And not just better for getting the job done, but getting the job done in a manner that is most beneficial for employee health and happiness, as well as customer health.  THAT, is truly sustainable, and that is our mission at App State," said Dr. Greg Taylor.

Keith Younce was the recipient of Appalachian State University's SPA Employee of the Year Award in 2013.  His promotion to Environmental Services Manager was announced October 28, 2015.

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