Why is the water yellow?

Drink up!
Friday, November 15, 2013 - 1:55pm

It's temporary.  And it's safe to drink and bath in.  By the end of next week, November 22, 2013, the water should be back to its usual, crystal-clear condition. 

Concentrations of iron and manganese are tinting our water right now.  Why does this happen?  Our water comes from a natural reservoir and is then treated for campus use.  Naturally occurring metals like iron and manganese become part of the settlement at the bottom of the reservoir.  When the weather changes dramatically--like last week's extreme cold front-- the water in the pond 'turns over.'  The water at the top of the pond pushes the water from the bottom up.  The water from the bottom brings a little sediment with it, and voila! iron and manganese get stirred in for the ride. 

Although we filter and treat our water, the tint remains until we flush the tanks.  So keep on bathin' Yosef.  It's all good.

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