Welcome to the Water Quality Walking Tour

The Appalachian community teams with the New River Conservancy to educate and improve water quality.
Monday, September 11, 2017 - 2:46pm

Appalachian State and the New River Conservancy share a common goal of improving water quality on our campus and throughout Boone.

The Center for Appalachian Studies and the New River Conservancy have created a nifty, little walking tour around campus to highlight four ways businesses and individuals can improve water quality.  Taking the walking tour will give you great excercise AND give you an up close view of how various landscaping and building material choices can prevent run off from reaching our vital creeks.

On this tour you'll see:

1) Vegetative Roof Locations

2) Permeable Pavements

3) Bioswales

4) Stream Bank Improvements

Don't know what a bioswale is?  Take a walk and find out!

By learning about easy, attractive choices in construction materials and landscaping, the Water Quality Walking Tour around Appalachian State demonstrates four approaches that public and private stakeholders can use to divert water from storm drains, and keep potentially polluted water out of our creeks.

Take a walk!  Click here for a PDF you can print with more information.


Water Quality Walking Tour Image

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