University Drive Closed -Wednesday Morning, Jan 10, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018 - 3:13pm

University Drive Closing For Several Hours

Parking and access to University Drive will be restricted on Wednesday morning, January 10, 2018, while a contractor with a large crane removes a white pine.  See map below.  Driving will not be permitted next to the yellow-ticked road.



University Drive Parking


You're taking down a tree?  But why?!

The usual reasons--safety.  The tree is dying a slow death, starting at its crown.  We think it was lightening.    Click this link for an arborist's report.


Who was Dauph Blan?

Let's be honest.  This is the real reason you clicked on the link.

And AHA!  Trick question.  Dauph Blan was really two people:  Dauph and Blan.  They were a couple of brothers--sons of (obviously) creative parents--"And I proclaim this beautiful boy, 'Dauph!'  You can name the next one, Sweetheart."

These babies grew up to be strapping men, men who believed in the power of education, and in cross cut saws.  Together they felled some trees (ironic, in this context), ran them through a mill, and used those boards to build a little school called the Watauga Academy.Watauga Academy

Sound familiar?  You're probably sitting right now on the 500 acres owned by Dauph and Blan's father.

And we're still educating folks here today, at Appalachian State University.  The circle is complete.

We lumber to the obvious conclusion that Dauph Blan is named for the Dougherty Brothers and our esteemed antecedents in education:  Dauphin Disco Dougherty and Blanford Barnard Dougherty.



This black and white image shows Dauph & Blan's Watauga Academy from the northwest. It includes a view of the western side of the building. Watauga Academy was the sole building for Watauga Academy (1899-1903), occupied while still under construction in 1899, It was destroyed in a fire on November 22, 1946.  --From Appalachian State University Digital Collections

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