The ULTIMATE Recycling- Recycling Our Recycling Cans

Monday, April 20, 2015 - 12:35pm

There's big money in trash and in trash cans.  Institutional grade trash cans are heavy duty.  They sit outside in all sorts of weather.  They take a lot of abuse; and they aren't cheap! "Victor Stanley trash cans are around $800 a can.  It's shocking," explains Dr. Greg Taylor, Director of Campus Services.

So what to do for Earth Day when the budget doesn't allow for purchasing recycling cans, but you know you need to provide more opportunities for students to recycle?

"We got creative," reported Taylor.  "One thing we know for sure.  No one is going to recycle if there's not a recepticle right there next to the regular trash can.  So we looked around campus for areas where we had cans next to each other already and we literally picked through the trash to see how much trash is really recycling.  It turns out we could greatly reduce our landfilling if we had a recycling can next to the regular trash can."

Rather than buy new cans, the Physical Plant repainted the current cans blue for recycling and green for landfill.  "I'd say we're saving about $600 per trash can," reported Dr. Greg Taylor, Director of Campus Services, "and that's just the cost of the can.  We'll have even more savings when our recycling numbers go up, and our landfilling costs go down."

"This is a great example of doing more with less," Mike O'Connor, Director of Appalachian State's Physical Plant said.  "Earth Day is really about making choices that conserve and extend our resources.  To me, that's the true meaning of 'sustainability'.  It's using common sense to save money while extending the life of what we already have."

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