REI Gifts A Compost Screener to the Physical Plant's Landscaping Department

John Richards of the Physical Plant Landscaping team stands in front of his new compost screener.
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 10:51am

The Grounds Crew at Appalachian State's Physical Plant would like to say a hearty "thank you" to REI for their generous gift of a motorized screener.  This $12,000 machine will greatly improve the quality of our in-house, locally produced compost by screening out the large chunks of wood that don't quickly decompose in compost.

In 2014, before the screener, we made 180 tons of compost on campus.  This year we will make even more. 


Compost "Before"

Compost "After'

One of the many benefits of the compost screener is that it will allow us to create a compost that is fine enough to spread on our grass, enriching soil that has suffered through the compaction of many feet.  

In our opinion, nothing is better than organically-produced, in house compost.  We expect to be able to reduce our purchasing of fertilizers by 1/3 in the first year alone.  Campus-made compost is created from cafeteria and event food scraps that could not otherwise be donated.

Click here to see how compost is made on campus.

Locally made compost is not for sale as 100% of the compost being produced is used in campus landscaping, and we still have a need for more.   We are extremely grateful to REI for their generous gift.

On behalf of the Physical Plant Landscape Services Department,

Eddie Hyle

Landscape Services

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