Paper Towel Dispenser Won't Dispense - Here's the Solution

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 2:32pm

Our new Georgia Pacific paper towel dispensers are saving trees because they don't leave any residual, wasted paper on the rolls.

But they do have one unfortunate quirk that may leave you dripping with frustration.  Here's a trick to receiving paper towel satisfaction.


Step 1

Wave to the "sleeping" dispenser.  If you are not greeted with a paper towel, proceed to Step 2.

Sleeping Paper Towel



Step 2

Gently reach inside the dispenser and lightly (perhaps even tenderly) touch the serated bar.


touch here



Step 3

And Voila! Feel your tensions melt away as your paper towel needs are at last fulfilled.

Email to see the Step 3 picture the webmaster wouldn't approve.


Satisfaction tamed

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