Our Master Gardeners Master the Art of Community Giving (440 Hours!)

Some of our hard-working, 2014 "Master Gardeners"
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 3:10pm

Congratulations to our 11 newly-minted "Master Gardeners."

Through a program at the Watauga Ag Extension office, 11 of our Physical Plant landscaping and recycling staff members completed the 40 hours of classroom instruction and are committed to an additional 40 hours of community service volunteer time over the coming year to become "Master Gardeners."

Master Gardener Senior CenterMike O'Connor, Physical Plant Director said, "I'm just so proud of these guys.  As a group, they're contributing over 400 hours of community service. They have already built a raised garden at the the L.E. Harrrill Senior Center, pruned 300 century-old hydrangea plants at Moses Cone and are helping the elderly in our community to achieve better gardens. 

They are 'paying it forward' with volunteerism and we also anticipate them using their new skills to save App State money.  By using lime to adjust pH they’ll save us money on fertilizer.  By proper pruning and the thoughtful use of pest management they’ll create hardier plants and save us money on replacement plants and pesticides.

Thanks to each of you for your hard work and for sharing your new skills to make our campus healthier and more beautiful."

Senior Center 2Senior Center 3Hydrangea PruningMicroscope

Appalachian State’s 11 Master Gardener candidates are: Daniel Burleson, John Ballard, Jason Harkey, Shane Lee Reece, Gregory Miller, Jordan Gragg, Mathew Carson, David Wayne Pack, Grant Powers, Michael Holman, Eric Dendy

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