No Mixed Recycling in Confidential Bins

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 4:50pm

Confidential recycling is treated differently than any other recycling on campus.  Shredding costs money, unlike other recycling.

"Confidential papers are the exception to the 'one-bin-it-all-goes-in' rule," explains Grant Powers, Recycling Manager.

Confidential papers should never be mixed with other recyclables like cans or bottles.  Please avoid adding or mixing non-confidential papers in the Confidential bins.

Confidential Only"It's the one case where we are actually charged a fee for recycling," Powers added.  "To maintain integrity, confidential papers must be picked up and stored separately from any other recycling.  Confidential recycling has to be kept under lock and key until we have a full load, and an App State employee must accompany confidential papers to the shredder in Wilkes."

App State pays approximately .11 cents a pound to shred and recycle confidential papers.  "We also incur travel-time labor costs as well as vehicle time on confidential shredding.   This is not the case for any of our other recyclables.  So please don't mix any non-confidential documents or other recyclables in with confidential papers."

"We really appreciate how much the campus community has embraced recycling," remarked Jen Maxwell, Resource Conservation Specialist with the office of Sustainability.  "Our greatest challenge is sharing information on how to recycle.  Everyone wants to do the right thing."

Confidential Recycling Rules

1) If you shred it yourself, it CAN be mixed in with other recyclablesConfidential Paper Being Shredded

2) Submit a work request through AiM if you need confidential papers picked up.  There is no charge for this service.

3) Include in your request:

  • Building name and room number
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Preferred drop off and pick up dates (Thursdays only)
  • Estimate of the number of rolling bins you might need

4) Do not leave confidential recycling in open areas or hallways where the public has access

5) Do not mix other recyclables or non-confidential documents in with confidential papers.

Questions?  Contact Grant Powers, Recycling Manager, 828-262-7296

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