Nathan Perry Is Saving Our Streams

Nathan Perry, Motor Pool Parts and Purchasing Wizard
Friday, April 28, 2017 - 4:58pm

And when we say Nathan Perry is saving streams, we mean trout streams AND revenue streams.


Prior to 2015 Motor Pool purchased 5w30 full synthetic motor oil by the case.  It was delivered on giant shrink wrapped pallets that cluttered up the work areas.  The plastic "empties" were being landfilled because of the oil residue left in them and that created a danger for oil leaching into groundwater.  After sharpening his pencil and using some common sense, Nathan Perry realized there might be a better way.  By switching to bulk delivery Motor Pool now saves $3.76+ on every quart of motor oil.  It's the same principle as buying groceries from Costco.  Bulk purchasing results in product discounts.


And the benefits don't stop there.  Bulk delivery by pumper truck into a single plastic tank decreases clutter.  No more boxes, shrink wrap or plastic oil quarts to dispose of.  It creates more room in our work bays, saves time, and protects the environment.


"Those layers of packing took time to open and created a lot of waste," Nathan explained. "The 6 contractor bags a week full of non-recyclable plastic quarts have disappeared, along with the mess and the time it took us to deal with the cardboard, plastics and dripping oil." 


What about that dripping oil?  If you've ever replaced the oil in your car, you know that plenty of oil is left in the quart container no matter how you shake it.  No matter how frugal you are, at least an ounce stays inside the quart.  


In 2016 we ordered the equivalent of 2,440 quarts of motor oil which we now dispense relatively neatly from a bulk container.   This dispensing method eliminates the 1 oz of residual, wasted oil that stays behind in every plastic quart bottle.  Multiply that ounce times 2,440 quarts and we've kept 76.25 quarts of oil from potentially polluting watersheds when those contaminated containers are thrown away.  Our business manager also likes that we've "found" an additional 76.25 quarts of oil without having to pay another dime!


Our hero in this scenario is Nathan Perry, the parts manager who decided that purchasing could be done more efficiently with less environmental impact and considerably more savings.  


Nathan has worked in "MoPo" for 17 years and has never gotten stuck in the "that's the way we've always done it" rut.  So here's a challenge to every Mountaineer and most especially our employees:  act on your common sense.  Your ideas to make state's business more sustainable make a difference!


PS- MoPo is also having 15w40 Diesel oil delivered in bulk (more savings) and is working with the manufacturer of our windshield wiper fluid to create a bulk delivery method for their product-an idea the manufacturer had never considered before.


Nathan Perry

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