Motor Fleet Tracks Vehicles to Improve Safety

Look for this sticker inside your vehicle's door.
Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 10:48am

Motor Fleet is taking a lesson from private industry by installing tracking devices in automobiles to help improve driver behavior.  Many insurance companies use vehicle monitoring to reward safe drivers.  

Tracking devices will alert Motor Fleet to speeding, excessive idle times, and abrupt stops.  The goals are to prevent accidents and encourage safe, economical driving behavior.

In an additional common-sense approach, Motor Fleet is taking steps to increase safety on the roads by checking driving records of state employees before they get behind the wheel of a state vehicle.  Drivers with citations or license suspensions will not be allowed to drive state-owned vehicles.

Click here for details from Bob Smith, Appalachian State University's Director of Motor Pool, or contact Bob at ext. 3195.

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