Do you recognize this WINNER?

Winner of "Best in Show" at the 2014 Ashe County Art Show
Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 10:10am

Physical Plant employees are more than meets the eye, often doing community services or flexing their talents in unexpected ways that go beyond construction, plumbing, painting and engineering.  Patrick Richardson is the exception that proves the rule.

Patrick and daughter under winning paintingPatrick is a very talented data analyst for our Energy Management office.  By day he monitors heating and cooling loads for buildings that are often larger than 40,000 SF--this is "slightly harder" than setting a thermostat at your average home.   Patrick makes recommendations for tweaking our temperatures and methods of heating or cooling to save tax payers and students money.  It's analytical, but it's also creative.  

Sometimes a solution means trying something we've never tried before, like connecting heating and cooling schedules to room sensors that know when a body is in the room, or connecting heating and cooling schedules to the software that tracks bookings for meeting rooms.  The best solutions require outside-the-box thinking, and it's rare to find an individual who is both creative and analytical.

Now there can be no doubt to Patrick's creativity!

Patrick won "Best in Show" (which is even higher than 1st place) in the Best of the Blue Ridge Ashe County Arts Council 2014 Art Show.  His winning entry was a self portrait.

Physical Plant employees have many faces--we're proud to share this one with you.

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