Construction Updates - Students coming August 14, 2015

Updates to Your Campus!
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 8:42am




While the students have been away and the weather is cooperative (at least not icey), we've accomplished a lot of necessary improvements to campus.  We appreciate everyone's patience with the inconveniences.

  Rivers Street Construction

Rivers Street Steam & Condensate

This project is to repair/replace steam condensate lines along and across Rivers Street and from Garwood Hall to the Steam Plant. 

Why? The project will increase energy savings for the campus and improve failing lines to ensure uninterrupted heat and hot water to Garwood Hall.


August 13th -All 4 lanes open

(Some temporary lane closures after classes begin, but they will be limited to 1 lane    

 Center Street

Center Street Underground Utilities

Center Street is being raised to allow for installation of underground steam condensate lines.  This will require a significant change to the planned construction duration.

Why?  Burying pipes without raising the road would put the pipes in the water table.  Raising the road lessens the impact to the water table, and improves the efficient distribution of steam condensate.


Road closed until mid-October 2015
 Parking Deck Construction

Rivers Street Parking Deck

Why? This work is to provide a condensate line from Garwood Hall to the Steam Plant, which will contribute to the University's energy savings and ensure uninterrupted heat and hot water to Garwood.

Work continues until mid-November 2015
 JET Roof

John E Thomas Roof Replacement

A total roof replacement is happening on this building.  It is a large building with many roof penetrations, which makes this a challenging and time-consuming project. 

Completion Schedule: More parking will be freed up on July 29th and again on August 14th as progress towards completion continues.  Most of the noisy work and occupant inconveniences will be finished on August 14th, depending on the weather.  Several parking spaces will continue to be needed by the contractor until completion, which is scheduled for September 2, 2015.

Completion scheduled for September 2, 2015
 Steam Plant Steam Plant Roof Replacement 

Why? Since the Steam Plant is an important part of keeping the campus WARM in winter, we must maintain this facility!  The completion date is August 14th and should not hamper parking along University Drive afterwards.  Until then, please drive carefully through this area as trash removal and construction equipment will be moving in the vicinity frequently.

Completion scheduled for August 28th, 2015
 Durham Park  Sewer Installation at Dauph Blan & Hardin Streets
Why? The Town of Boone's main sewer line was failing.  The town is working on sewer lines along Hardin Street at Dauph Blan.

 Completion Schedule: All new construction on this project is complete, but several tap lines are being replaced.  All of the work is planned to be finished by the beginning of classes.  Until then, Dauph Blan will remain closed during working periods.  The Town is coordinating with the University and will return Durham Park to its original beauty once the sewer project is complete.

 Completion scheduled for August 14th, 2015

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