Campus Maintenance & Construction Projects - Summer 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 12:24pm



As always, summer is the busiest time on campus for construction.  Good weather, fewer crowds and the ability to make some noise have us working our hardest in a very small window of opportunity.

Start and end dates always vary based on weather conditions or other discoveries; however, these are the university's best-laid plans for Summer 2019. 






Founders Envelope & Roof

Repair leaky roof and walls. (Note: parking spaces on the back side of the building will be closed during construction.)

Why? Because we need to pay attention to “The Foundation”—both the outside of the building, and the nice folks inside. :)

August 2019

LS Dougherty (LLC Offices)

Reconfiguration of nutrition and “home ec” spaces from the atomic age into spaces appropriate for our multi-glot friends.

Why? Although it’s old, it's hygge, with natural light and wide halls. It’s a perfect home for the Languages, Literatures and Cultures group dispersing from Sanford Hall.

June-July 2019

Peacock Restrooms & Halon System

Refurbishing ALL the restrooms in Peacock. And, in an unrelated project, adding fire safety features to the server room.

Why? Because safety is #1. And #1 and #2 are important, too.

 Current-August 2019

Rankin North Envelope (Phase II)

Leaks in the building envelope will be repaired. Most of the work will be taking place outside. Some of the courtyard between Duncan and Rankin will be closed off so that crews can have access. Some trucks will be on the sidewalk. 

Why? Water intrusion is causing damage to classrooms and labs.

 Current-August 2019

Rankin Science West Restrooms

Public Restroom upgrades.

Why? Not rank in Rankin.

 Current-June 2019
 Sanford Hall

Sanford Hall Renovation 

The building is over 50 years old, it's time to overhaul EVERYTHING. Electrical, IT, safety systems, building envelope, elevators, we could go on ... but if you've been in the building, you know.

Why? The building has "great bones"—let's build on what we've got and make it better

 July 2019-December 2020

Varsity Gym Flood and Floor Repairs

Repairs to the recently flooded floors of the gym which displaced Health Promotions and Golf.

Why? Because this building features facilities for many sports, but swimming isn't one of them

  August-September 2019


The following projects are intense!  Some of the larger projects will continue into 2020, but a few will wrap up in August 2019. Fortunately, the construction areas are easy to avoid.




P3 Housing Buildings 100 & 200

What: Four spanking new residence halls are being built to replace Bowie, Coltrane, Eggers, Gardner, Winkler (demolished), Justice, and East. The plan calls for replacing nearly 1,800 beds—and adding 200 to 400 additional beds—with better, more efficient parking.

Why? Fresh residence halls help attract talented students and are easier and safer to maintain. Plus, more green spaces for students to get out in the sun and recreate.

Current-August 2020

P3 Parking Deck

This multi-story parking deck located in the footprint of the former Winkler Residence Hall will provide parking to over 475 cars. 

Why? P3 Housing is being built in the current Stadium Lot. This deck will replace that parking and will increase parking overall. 

Current-August 2019

P3 Steam

Planned replacement of obsolete lines.

Why? In addition to a simple replacement, an improved design provides a “redundant loop” so that portions of the line can be shut off for maintenance in the future without causing the service to all of the buildings to be interrupted (as is the case now).

May-August 2019

Kidd Brewer Third Floor Offices

Transforming storage spaces into 19 offices in the Athletics Center.

Why? Keeps the coaches that were formerly housed in the (demolished) Owens Field House off the streets.

 Current-July 2019
   Kidd Brewer Stadium – North End Zone

Construction of a new multi-story building to include a kitchen for catering events on campus, beautiful meeting and banquet space, coaches' offices, locker rooms, weight training, hydrotherapy, a team store, ticketing, nutrition science research areas, and premium seating for 1,000 football fans.

Why? Owens, like many of us, was starting to decline at 45 years old. The new facility will provide much needed year-round meeting space and puts a great face on the entrance to the stadium.

 Current-December 2020

The Woonerf, aka The Stadium Lot Connector, aka Arts Corridor Connector

On most days, this will be a pedestrian walkway connecting west to east campus with a signal and crosswalk at Schaefer/Rivers Street.  But on game days or big Schaefer Events, this may be traveled by cars as a secondary parking lot exit with a traffic signal at Rivers.

Why? Primarily, this is for life safety. It provides much better egress and access for emergency vehicles and patrons. But it’s also the beginning of an Arts Corridor that will connect Schaefer, Turchin, Valborg and the greater Boone arts scene.

Bonus:  Includes a new sidewalk on the left side of the entrace to Peacock Parking Lot!  and who doesn't like to say "Woonerf"?  Say it like the Dutch:  "Voooh-nerf."

May-August 2019


If you're still reading this far down the page, then you are truly committed to learning about campus construction.  Granted, the road projects do NOT belong to App, but we've included them since they may affect your travel plans.




McKinney Windows

Unlike our Alumni, oldies aren’t always goodies when it comes to windows. The McKinney Center needs some new ones.

Why? New windows are important for comfort, energy performance, and moisture control.

May-June 2019

Physical Plant Storage Yard

Creates a securely-fenced storage area for garbage trucks, salt, pipes and other tempting supplies needed to maintain the campus infrastructure.

Why? We relocated to allow the county to build the swim complex on our former site. Bonus: materials will be closer to operations.  

July-November 2019

Softball, Tennis, & Track Relocation

The project re-locates the university track, softball, and competition tennis facilities from the area near the football stadium to the App 105 property. Order of project completion will begin with softball and outdoor tennis courts in Spring 2020, followed by an indoor tennis facility and then track as funds are raised.

Why? Better facilities.  Tennis facilities will include six indoor and six outdoor courts. Softball will include seating for 100 to 150 spectators.

Bonus: moving softball and tennis off campus will free up space for at least 150 parking spaces on campus, with more to come.

July 2019-April 2020





Rivers Street (NC DOT)

From Holmes Convocation to Waters Street, Rivers Street will be milled down and repaved by our friends at the DOT. Notes: (1) This is a DOT project, NOT a university project. (2) Most work will be done at night, and at least one lane will be open at all times.

Why? Crumbling storm drains will be addressed, access to manholes will be improved, and paving will be repaired.

 Summer 2019

King Street / College Street Turn Lane (NC DOT)

Improving/lengthening westbound turning lane from King Street onto College Street. Notes: (1) This is a DOT project, NOT a university project. (2) Traffic will be reduced to one lane with a flagger during non-peak times.

Why? Improved traffic flow.

 Current-May 2020

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