Campus Construction - What's Ongoing Fall 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 12:34pm





Start and end dates always vary based on weather conditions or other discoveries; however, these are the university's best-laid plans for Summer 2018. 


Most construction projects are scheduled to begin after May graduation when the majority of classes are not in session.




Wey Hall Ventilation Repairs (Exterior/Interior)

Most of this work will occur outside the building; the inside work was completed during Spring Break so that classes wouldn't be disturbed.  There will be several brief periods when sidewalks on either side of Wey will be cordoned off for a cement truck and/or crane to operate.

Why?  Good air quality is extremely important in this building.  Several processes like metal work, darkroom developing and painting use chemicals and solvents that produce irritating vapors.


After Graduation, May 2018

Some periodic sidewalk disruption


Rankin Science North - Exterior Repairs

Leaks in the building envelope will be repaired.  Most of the work will be taking place outside, and the courtyard between Duncan and Rankin will be closed off so that crews can have access.  Repairs will take approximately 6 months.  

Why? Water intrusion is causing damage to classrooms and labs.

 Mid-summer thru December 2018

Duncan courtyard will be closed, some classes or labs may be temporarily relocated.


Physical Plant Lay Down Yard

An area of approximately 200 parking spaces in the State Farm parking lot will be converted to a fenced materials and equipment storage for the Physical Plant.  

Why? Due to the sale of the Business Services Annex building to Watauga County, the Physical Plant must relocate pavers, salt, light poles, equipment, etc.  Bonus: materials will be closer to operations.  

June thru December 2018

Academy Street Pedestrianization

Academy Street is becoming a pedestrian zone.  (Like the wide sidewalks along Sanford Mall.)  University Drive in front of the Steam Plant will become parallel parking spaces used by two-way traffic. More info.

Why? Safer through fares for students. 

June 2018

Permanent Road Closure


 Garwood Lab Renovation Labs throughout the entire building are being renovated.  This will be an 8 to 10 month project which will disrupt regular class schedules. Why? More ventilated lab space is needed, and more hoods are being added to enhance safety. May 2018 - February 2019
 Campus Welcome Sign

NEW Appalachian Sign Plaza on Hardin Street

The site of the Appalachian sign on Hardin Street will be enlarged and updated with brick pavers to create a  welcoming space for visitors and proud graduates to pose for photos.  In an homage to our founders, the sculpture of B.B. Dougherty will be relocated to the bordering green space creating a Founders' Plaza.

Why? We want our image to be as fresh as our students while still honoring our rich traditions.  

Added bonus: subjects will soon be able to pose on either side of the sign, making it easy to get the sun in the right place for the "perfect photo." Double bonus:  with the added extra room, photo takers can stay safely out of Hardin Street. Triple bonus: with lights and electricity, the plaza will be a great place to gather and even feature music and programs.

 June - 

Late August 2018

 Frank Hall

Frank  Hall - Solar Panels Being Added to Roof

Peeved about not enough PV?  So was REI.  This student-led group put their money to work buying solar (PV) panels for the roof of Frank Hall.  There might be a little sidewalk disruption around Frank during the month of June while crews work on the roof to install the PV panels.

Why? It's a great start to cleaner energy on campus.

 June 2018


 Sanford Hall

Sanford Hall Renovation

The building is over 50 years old, it's time to overhaul EVERYTHING.  Electrical, IT, safety systems, building envelope, elevators, we could go on...but if you've been in the building, you know.

Why? The building has "great bones", let's build on what we've got and make it better.



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