Bookstore Energy Costs Drop $23,000 This Year Thanks To HVAC Improvements

Monday, June 15, 2015 - 2:49pm

A simple purchase and some very thoughtful "sequencing" of air flows enabled the Bookstore to lower its energy costs by $23,000 in a single year's span.

Heating and cooling are typically the biggest energy drains in any building, so improving the way HVAC systems operate can yield the greatest energy savings.

In the Bookstore the addition of a new $5,000 Network Automation Engine (NAE)--it looks like a router and is basically a custom computer-- has allowed Appalachian State to leverage more of the available information to make the heating and cooling system significantly improve efficiency. In the past-- and still in many buildings on campus-- each thermostat and Air Handler Unit (the big fan and heat/cooling machine) operated independently and had no inputs based on outside conditions, heat load, etc.  With the new NAE, App State can take advantage of the available information from across the Bookstore and campus.  The software and hardware control sequences were developed, programmed, and implemented by the ASU Physical Department staff. (Thanks to Controls Shop, HVAC, Energy Management, and Mechanical Shops.) 

Check Out "The Bottom Line"

 Check out the expense line on the graph for 2014/15.  Our energy expenses are the lowest they have been in years.  Now that's what we call "a good bottom line!" Bookstore Energy Use

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