Appalachian State University Puts Events2HVAC to the Test

The AHU was already set back to 20% at night, but it was previously running all day, as indicated by the blue line above. After Events2HVAC was implemented, the AHU was automatically controlled based on event schedules, and fan power was reduced 70% compared to the same three days of the previous week, as indicated by the red line above.
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 10:40am

David Robertson, Director of Student Programs at Appalachian State University, is very aggressive on energy management and sustainability. But he did not have digital controls in place to allow him to implement Events2HVAC in the entire student union, so he decided to test the software in just 20 rooms.

Energy Analyst Patrick Richardson was assigned to implement Events2HVAC and track energy savings. It wasn't the easiest task because Richardson ran into several roadblocks related to the building automation system. But with support from Brian Russell at Streamside Solutions that Richardson described as "phenomenal," the implementation was completed and analysis began.

Richardson's first step was to compare the fan speed of one air handler unit (AHU) over three days, from the week before implementation to the week after implementation. The graph below shows Richardson's initial three-day analysis of an AHU that feeds seven variable air volume (VAV) boxes, serving conference rooms and a small theater in the student union.

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Posted on May 8, 2013 byEvents 2 HVAC Blog 

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