Minibin System

In 2013, Appalachian switched to single stream recycling. ALL recyclables – paper, glass, plastics and metals now go one recycling bin together. The main exceptions are cardboard boxes, single use items (coffee cups, plastic forks, napkins),confidential papers, and techno-trash.

Mini BinWhy mix recyclables?

Convenience = participation
National averages show an increase in recycling by 30% when "it all goes in one bin." Even better, Walker College of Business increased their recycling by seven times with the introduction of mini-bins and single stream recycling.

No cost for sorting
Foothills Sanitation, a local vendor, hauls and sorts ASU's recyclables for free. Foothills sells the reclaimed materials. It's a win-win. Local jobs are created and ASU reduces landfill waste and associated dumping charges.

Increase in types of materials collected
What's new? ASU now collects rigid plastics #1 through #7, soft plastics like grocery bags and shrink wrap, as well as paperboard like cracker and cereal boxes.

Click here to learn more about the minibin system and Appalachian State University's commitment to zero waste.