Energy Reduction

Information on this page updated 5-4-17

App State 40% More Energy Efficient!

By making changes in the way we heat/cool and light our buildings, Appalachian State University's main campus has reduced energy usage per square foot by 40% since 2002-2003.


Percent Energy Use Reduction


$30,650,970  = Total water and energy costs we've avoided since 2007  **updated 5-4-17







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MOST of our energy costs are related to heating and cooling buildings.  So far we've fitted 34 buildings with new climate controls.  This allows us to use energy more adjust temperatures more accurately, which saves us money.

Improving building efficiency isn't always easy in some of our more historic buildings.  That is why we are retro-fitting.



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We are saving money, reducing our carbon footprint, and outperforming state-mandated requirements.

 Energy Use

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  • For fiscal 2015-2016 energy use intensity was down 40% compared to our baseline year (2002-2003).
  • Energy use was just over 155,000 BTUs per square foot in 2002-03 compared to just over 94,000 BTU's per square foot last year.
  • Total energy use was the lowest since 2002-2003 year despite an increase of 33% in the size of the campus. 
  • Total energy consumed in 2015-16 was 483 billion BTUs compared to 665 billion BTU's at our peak in 2006-07.



farenheit iconRather than heating/cooling buildings 24/7, we  heat and cool the buildings based on when they're occupied.  How much does this help?  Play the 1:20 second video below.

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