Campus Utilities: Water, Steam & Electricity

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water iconWater

Appalachian State University's water treatment plant is located off-campus.  Our water is sourced from a reservoir that is separate from the county and the Town of Boone. 

steam iconSteam

There are two major sources of energy used on our campus: steam and electricity. We burn natural gas to produce steam which brings heat and hot water to campus via a three-mile steam loop.


Electricity iconElectricity

Appalachian State University buys its electricity through New River Light and Power Company (NRLP), a nonprofit subsidiary of the university.

Through wholesale purchase-power contracts, NRLP uses a combination of sources to generate electricity including coal, nuclear, hydro, natural gas, as well as renewable resources such as solar and wind.  Because of the High Country's relatively mild summers, the electricity fuel mix profile differs from electricity users with higher summer electricity consumption.

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