AiM Work Order System

What is AiM?

It's an online request form.  It's how you tell us what you need, and when you need it.

AiM software is used by many universities and other large facilities.  It tracks hours spent on a jobs, supplies required, and provides a means of scheduling personnel.  It's an invaluable source for data-driven decision making.  We are able to pose and answer questions like "How much time do we spend on...?" in order to make fiscally responsible equipment and staffing decisions.  Constant improvement is our goal!  PS-it's paperless!


Can I Submit A Request?

Anyone on campus can enter a request for work to be done.  You need two things first:  1) pre-approved access through this AiM System Access Form (PDF) and 2) an account number where work can be billed.

Account numbers are specific to a department or organization – for example “Biology”, or “Housing Operations."  Your department may have several authorized Requestors and may also have several accounts linked to it.  If you'd like to have work done in your office or building, see your departmental assistant for guidance.


Questions About AiM? 

Contact Amy McNeill at 828-262-3190, ext. 179 or Colemann Rusch 828-262-3190, ext. 135.


How to Submit a Work Request

Once you have access to the AiM System, you can submit work orders. Here are the steps for requesting a service:

  • Simply open up AiM
  • Click the NEW icon beside the CUSTOMER REQUEST field
  • Enter the information
  • Click SAVE to save and submit your work request

When you save the Customer Request it is sent directly to Work Control in the Physical Plant, Housing Operations, or the Motor Pool where it is approved and turned into a Work Order. You will receive an email notification when this happens and again when the work is completed.


Click here to check the status of an existing work order.


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