In Design or Bid

Howard Street Hall
Preliminary design is underway on an upfit to the currently vacant space in what was previously the First Presbyterian Church.  This building presently houses the Lucy Brock Day Care Center.  The upfit continues to be developed, and the intent is to provide much needed faculty office space and possibly a classroom.  Funding is being identified for this project, and construction completion is targeted for January 2017.
Winkler Hall Concept
Winkler Residence Hall Replacement - Advanced Planning on this project is complete, and schematic & development design will continue through February 2016.  The project will provide 352 student beds by June 2018 at the previous Winkler Residence Hall site (demolished in 2014).  Jenkins Peer has been contracted to be the designer of record, and Edifice Inc., was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk.
Artist Rendering - College of Health Sciences
The new building is planned for the Beaver College of Health Sciences.  It is a 203,000 GSF facility.  LS3P is the architect, and Rodgers is the Construction Manager at Risk.  Design for the facility is expected to be complete in the Spring of 2016.


Belk Library Roof Replacement
For nearly 12,260 square feet of roof areas, this project will remove the existing roof system and fully adhere vapor barrier, tapered roof insulation, gypsum overlay, thermoplastic membrane, and provide new flashings and accessories to provide a complete, watertight, 20-year warrantable roof. This work is expected to be completed by mid-October 2015.
Steam and Condensate work along Rivers Street
This project includes the repair/replacement of steam and condensate lines along Rivers Street. Construction is expected to be completed mid-November 2015. Due to the vertical location of the manhole in Center Street, the road is being raised by approximately four feet.  Also included is a new condensate line from Garwood Hall to Harper Hall.  Both of these increased scopes of work have extended the construction period by two months and will contribute to energy savings for the campus...
Recreation Fields at State Farm
Drainage improvements to the existing fields is the focus of this project.  Working with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Town of Boone, it is anticipated that this project will utilize spoils from the stream improvements being undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Construction is underway.
Campus Energy Savings
This project includes energy savings improvements to multiple campus facilities, including lighting replacements, fume hood replacements, HVAC efficiencies, and a new data center for the campus.  This project is underway and will continue until December 2015.

On Hold

Sanford Mall Phase I area
This project is currently "On Hold."  Site improvements are planned for this area of campus that previously housed the Lucy Brock building site.
Sanford Mall Phase II
This project is currently "On Hold."  This project involves significant site improvements to the main open space on campus.

Recently Completed

Steam Plant Roof
Steam Plant Roof Replacement, John E Thomas Roof Replacement, Peacock Hall Interior Improvements,  Library Archives Mechanical Improvements,  Holmes Convocation Center Roof Equipment Repairs,  Plemmons Student Union Grease Trap Installation,  Howard Street Structure Demolition.

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